Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Not able to open GBPEC College site

I wasn't able to view college website with firefox. I dont think that problem is with my bandwidth. I got lots of bandwidth.
Also some people reorted that they are not able to look at the site from Cafe also.
IMO GBPEC college site is very bulky and takes lots of time to load.
'n Why the hell they are changing the layout like clothes. Now it is frontpage make. Guest book is not working.
A. R. Jaiswal is doing much better work unofficially at without getting paid for it. I dont expect much but GBPEC site should be fast enough and should be kept clean removing even a bit of extra code. Pages are not working and it looks worse than any personal website.

I feel that mine is better somewhat better looking LoL :) or alternatively


Anyway I'm presenting these links only for maintaing links to my sites. No competition with or

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