Wednesday, November 16, 2005

GBPEC Alumni site is up with CMS (content managment system)

Alumni site of GBPEC is updated to support the content managment system. Now you can register yourself and access the feature. Its powered by Mamboserver.
Site Development is still in progress so if you find any bug with the site please inform us at
So guys rush up. It is upto you GBPECian to make the word GBPEC alive.

Official website :
Alumni Site :
Forum :

Sunday, November 06, 2005

GBPEC.ORG changed again

Not to say much as u must have a look at

This is changed again. Once again a new look. I have no idea how many people watch that site but I know that I do. Site theme should not be changed so frequently. Doesn't matter much but this is a college site even personal site dont make much changes. and again same silly mistakes that happenes when u copy something from ur friends sheet. Dont tell me u never made any cheating in college. Cool....

No idea about what is going on in GBPEC. No netsavvy is their I suppose or may be network badwidth is the problem but at least people should start writing about GBPEC. They should share their thought very frequently at least somebody should know there is college in far hills named as GBPEC. 1 guy mailed me about the admission procedure of GBPEC but he shouldn't have come to me instead he should have gone to the college site and ask there but why should he if we dont have enough information at the site which is virtually our representative in this Internet era.