Thursday, September 08, 2005 in a new look

I don't know why but I never really liked the college site. i always wanted to see it from my eyes. Anyway I feel that it was better before than it is today 09 Sept 2005. Effort of students is appreciable but there is something missing that wasnt there earlier also. How to contact the webmasters or college authoraties. No information is there even if someday u get the link that is outdated and no one responding to that mail. Am I wrong ???
One more thing lacking in the site is the interactiveness. Right now it is using flash. But i dont want interactiveness of this kind. I want to interact with college faculty, college students not on the basis of my personal relationship but on the background of GBPEC.
They can have some kind of forum Chat room mailinglist or whatever you feel is good enough. We already have them but unofficially. How about a alumni website????????
If nothing a guest book will do if not anythingelse.

Any body alive there ............................ Hope not.

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