Wednesday, April 27, 2005

So the college is doing masti.
Everybody is having fun out there.
Bistro. Sports meet Goonj and what else ??? More importantly Deval's arrival.
For those who didn't get the update news on Goonj.
here it is
Shalini from IInd yr -> Miss Goonj
Vaibhav IInd yr -> Mister Goonj
Anybody outthere listening??????
Correct me if I'm wrong. may be I'm wrong about the guy. Who cares..
We gotta boom.
Check it out regularly. .
Love you guys.

See ya



Anonymous said...

hey sandy sir
nice thing to start
i luv the way u r creating you website

pics are taking a lot of time to be visible.

beter take care of that

Anonymous said...

hi sir that is really a nice way to be in touch with ur college friends n let others know how GREAT our college is!!!!!!!
ankita saklani
2nd year(cse)