Sunday, January 16, 2005

First Blog entry

Hi friends,
thanks for visiting our college site GBPEC.ORG
Now it's time to comment the site. So please tell me how did you like this and what needs to be done to enhance the site
Thanks for your support and love


Anonymous said...

this is a nice web site but you must build it rapidly.
Nice try.

Anonymous said...

nice website but needs some changes and frequent updating....

Anonymous said...

sandy.....visitor comments ka time galat aa raha hai..(am to pm)

Anonymous said...

to flying-death.....
visitor comments ka time galat aa raha hai..(am to pm)

Smoke'N Ashes said...

I dont think I can help it. May be its related to GMT settings

Linda Thomas said...

After assessing the situation, setting long term and short term goals; the team got to work. We revamped our website, face lifted our Facebook page, created a database of contacts, and even set up a mailing server. We planned to make this organization as easy to run as possible. As I cannot truly list all of the major and minor improvements we have made on this short post, I truly believe that what we have done just this past semester will impact this organization for years to come.